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Parent Code of Conduct

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NPYSA recognizes that the parents are an integral part of the player’s support
team. It is important that our parents observe the guidelines established by the

Club, Leagues, and US Youth Soccer.

Please adhere to the following:
● Encourage and support your child’s experience and play on the field.
● Encourage good sportsmanship and self-discipline to your child and teammates
through example.
● Encourage your child and their team to play by the rules and respect the rights of
other players, coaches, spectators and officials.
● Support the coach and the team.
● Familiarize myself with the laws of the game.
● Comply with rules, policies, and procedures of the team and the club.
● Do not interfere at any time with the duties and responsibilities of the coach or
the manager.
● Do not address the coach during the game; if you have a small issue, discuss it
with the coach calmly and patiently before or after the game, or at a time
mutually agreed to by the coach. For any major complaint, or if you think the
coach is unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent, report this opinion to a board
member with the knowledge that comments will be taken seriously.
● The use of profanity or abusive language or exhibit abusive behavior at any field
will result in immediate game suspensions and/or immediate dismissal.
● Do not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with coach, manager,
player, parent, or any official.
● Respect officials and accept their decisions.
● Referee abuse is not tolerated by our organization. Including but is not limited to
shouting dissent over a call from the sidelines, criticizing the referee’s
performance, debate over a call or the referee’s performance after the game has
finished, or other acts of disrespect toward the referee or game officials.
● Discuss any and all unresolved issues with the NPYSA Board.
● Coaching from the sidelines is not allowed.
● Act in any way that is detrimental to the team or the community.
● You are encouraged to applaud and cheer for good plays by either team. Do not
disrespect the opposing team players.

Let the players play, the coaches coach and the referees officiate.
Any spectators, including parents, who do not abide by these guidelines will

be ordered to leave the field.



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